Zukunft der Stadt
Tina Saaby Madsen, Kopenhagen

25.09. Zukunft der Stadt
Tina Saaby Madsen, Kopenhagen

Michael Kerbler IM GESPRÄCH mit Tina Saaby Madsen, Stadtarchitektin von Kopenhagen

The City of Copenhagen focuses on its aim not only to become one of the world’s best cities to live in but to be by 2015 the world’s environmental metropolis. Buildings, urban spaces and landscape architecture should support Copenhagen’s ambition to reach this goal until next year. No wonder: climate issues are a key concern, and new neighbourhoods and buildings should match the highest possible low-energy standards. Streets, squares and connections throughout the city should encourage the citizens to bike or walk.

Architecture is a major issue. But: the visions for urban life and the urban space design should be in place before the design of the surrounding buildings. Another ambitious goal to become the European Ecometropolis is dated with 2025. In this very year the city aims to be the world’s first carbon neutral city. It is an ambitious goal indeed because in the coming eleven years Copenhagen has to deal with a steady growth of the city: every month 1000 people will move to Copenhagen.
Special guest of this evening, arranged by the City of Vienna (MA 18), is architect Tina Saaby Madsen, acting City-Architect of Copenhagen since 2010. She has studied architecture in Aarhus and Copenhagen and at the University of Cambridge, UK. Since 1995 Mrs. Saaby Madsen worked as architect. Until 2010 she was partner and director of WITRAZ architects in Copenhagen. Tina Saaby received a number of high awards for urban development.